Christian Movie Rentals

We all love to watch movies, but not all of us can afford (or want) to pay full price for a movie when we will most likely only watch it once or twice. In this guide we shall look at how you can use the internet to rent Christian movies online. What are the Benefits of Renting Christian Movies Online? The internet has become one of our most useful resources in modern day life. We can literally do everything online – including grocery shopping, video chat with friends across the world and more. In recent years more and more people are starting to realize the benefits of renting movies online. It is very easy to rent movies online and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Most Christian movies will be delivered to you the next day so you don’t need...

Most Popular Christian Movies

Christian movies have been around since the beginning of film making and it is now a global multimillion dollar industry. There are numerous genres of Christian movies – just as there are for all types of movies – so we will look at some of the most popular titles in some of the most popular genres of Christian movies. Most Popular Christian Comedy Movies Not all Christian movies need to be serious, in fact there are some very popular Christian comedy movies that are light hearted and funny. God Help Me is a popular title and it is a movie about a man who’s friends try to convince the girl of his dream that God has chosen them to be together. The movie has good Christian morals and standards and includes performances by Christian hip-hop artist George...

Christian Movies For Families

Not all movies are suitable for every age group, but sometimes it is nice to have a night in with the family and watch a movie together. In this guide we shall look at family friend movies – including some great suggestions for your next family movie night. Importance of Controlling what our Children Watch As Christians we bring up our children to have certain ethical and moral standards – and we teach them what is right and wrong in the eyes of God. A huge number of movies released these days do not confirm to the same moral standards as most Christians so we need to be cautious of what movies we show our children. Even movies aimed at children these days often contain subtle sex references, drug use and pornography. Children are very impressionable and...

Christian Movies For Kids

Movies are a great past time that both adults and kids enjoy. As Christians we want our kids to be subjected to the right types of movies. In this guide we shall look at Christian movies for kids – what you should look for and where you can find them. What to Look for in Christian Movies for Kids There are so many movies out there that say they are for kids but are far from Christian morals and values. Kids movies are becoming increasingly raunchy with mild sex scenes, abusive language and violence becoming more common. When we are choosing a Christian movie for our kids we need to ensure that the storyline is wholesome with good morals. A good Christian kids movie doesn’t necessarily have to teach them about God in an open manner, and in fact there are...

Christian Filmmaking

With millions of Christians around the world it is no surprise that a Christian filmmaking industry has emerged as a result. In this guide we shall look at some general information regarding Christian filmmaking – such as its history, importance and how to get involved. History of Christian Filmmaking Christian filmmaking essentially began in the 1940’s when 16mm motion pictures were generally released just to churches. This continued to stay the same for many decades because very few of them gained theatre release. Right up until the 1990’s, Christian films were distributed primarily through Christian film libraries and never made it to the mainstream. Therefore the only way that Christians were able to watch Christian films is if they were to go to a...
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