Christian Filmmaking

With millions of Christians around the world it is no surprise that a Christian filmmaking industry has emerged as a result. In this guide we shall look at some general information regarding Christian filmmaking – such as its history, importance and how to get involved.

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History of Christian Filmmaking

Christian filmmaking essentially began in the 1940’s when 16mm motion pictures were generally released just to churches. This continued to stay the same for many decades because very few of them gained theatre release. Right up until the 1990’s, Christian films were distributed primarily through Christian film libraries and never made it to the mainstream. Therefore the only way that Christians were able to watch Christian films is if they were to go to a showing at their local Church.

Despite this there were many very well known names in the Christian filmmaking industry such as Ken Anderson – an early pioneer and Harry Bristow who started Christian Cinema – the world’s largest Christian film library based in Philadelphia.

One of the major landmarks in Christian films was the release of A Thief in the Night in 1972. It is still one of the most widely seen Christian movies of all time and the production company ‘Mark IV’ went on to produce a whole series of successful Christian films.

The next major landmark was in 1980 when filmmaker John Schmidt began to change the face of the Christian filmmaking industry when he released Super Christian – a popular Christian youth movie. He then went onto release numerous other popular Christian films including The Wait of the World, The Greatest Story Ever Told and Kevin Can Wait.

In the 1990’s, the Christian film industry saw a major dry spell, with most Christian film libraries closing business due to lack of sales. However, the 90’s did see the rise of Christian filmmaker Danny Caralles who made some fantastic films including Final Exit, The Gathering and Escape from Hell.

In more recent years, Christian filmmaking has become much more prevalent and movies are getting high budgets. There are also several Christian film festivals popping up around the USA – such as one in Boston started in 1992 by Tom Saab.

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Future of the Christian Filmmaking Industry

The future of the Christian filmmaking industry is bright and there is actually a revival of churches starting to show movies to their congregations again which has boosted the industry incredibly.

Christian filmmakers are also working harder to make their movies cross over borders into secular interests to make them more appealing and get them into secular, mainstream cinemas. Movies such as The Passion of the Christ are a fantastic example of a movie that has achieved this. Other successful Christian movies that have been released into movie theatres include Fireproof, Unidentified, Facing the Giant and the recent The Secrets of Jonathon Sperry.

The more people pay to go watch Christian-based films at the theatre, the more money film studios will be willing to invest in the Christian film industry. So it is up to us to make that happen and support Christian films.

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Importance of Christian Filmmaking Industry

The Christian filmmaking industry is very important to Christians as movie watching is a fun past time that we want to share with our families.

It can be difficult choosing movies that are suitable for our Christian children to watch as so many movies these days that are supposedly aimed at children contain sex scenes, drugs and violence.

Christian filmmakers strive to portray the best Christian morals and values throughout their movies meaning we can be sure that they are safe for our children to watch and are not offensive to us.

Movies can also help get a message across not only to us but other people and our children. For example, movies such as The Christmas Carol are popular with families as they portray the true meaning of Christmas in a fun and animated way. It can be easier to teach our children and others about Christianity through the eyes of a well produced film.

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