Most Popular Christian Movies

Christian movies have been around since the beginning of film making and it is now a global multimillion dollar industry. There are numerous genres of Christian movies – just as there are for all types of movies – so we will look at some of the most popular titles in some of the most popular genres of Christian movies.

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Most Popular Christian Comedy Movies

Not all Christian movies need to be serious, in fact there are some very popular Christian comedy movies that are light hearted and funny.

God Help Me is a popular title and it is a movie about a man who’s friends try to convince the girl of his dream that God has chosen them to be together. The movie has good Christian morals and standards and includes performances by Christian hip-hop artist George Moss amongst other talented actors and performers.

Evan Almighty is a very well known and popular mainstream Christian comedy movie. It stars actor Steve Carell in the sequel to Bruce Almighty. Many Christians love this movie – more so than its predecessor as it is squeaky clean fun. There were mild sexual references in the first movie. It is a great movie to watch with the whole family.

One of the other most popular Christian comedy movies is Road to Redemption – wshich won the 2002 Crown Award Winner for Best Evangelistic Film amongst other awards. It is another great movie for the whole family and follows the road trip of Amanda and her Grandpa to Las Vegas. Grandpa has a strong faith in God and takes his granddaughter on a journey that she didn’t expect to go on.

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Most Popular Animated Christian Movies

Animated movies have come a long way in the past few decades and these days they are not just for kids – adults are starting to watch animated movies more and more often.

Currently one of the most popular animated Christian movies is VeggieTales: Saint Nicholas, A Story of Joyful Giving. The movie is aimed at young children and through the lives of some vegetables they tell the story of how they discover the true joy of giving to others – both at Christmas time and other times of the year. The movie is filled with beautiful songs sung by a range of fantastic singers including Grammy-award winning artist Amy Grant.

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VeggieTales have a huge number of other popular Christian animated movies that are very popular with kids – so check out the whole range!

Kung Fu Panda is another popular animated Christian movie – and while it is not essentially about Christianity it does have good morals and is fun, light entertainment for the entire family. The DVD has extras on it teaching children how to help save wild pandas among other things. The movie features the voices of Jack Black, Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie and Dustin Hoffman.

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Most Popular Hollywood Christian Movies

Over the years there have been a huge number of successful Hollywood Christian movies.

The Passion of the Christ is one of the most powerful and well-known Hollywood Christian movies. The movie is based on the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and captures the last 12 hours of Christ’s last day on Earth. Directed by Academy Award winner, Mel Gibson, it has become the 7th most successful and popular moving in the history of all time.

Luther is another very popular Christian Hollywood movie. Released in 2003 it has become one of the most successful Christian-specific movies of all time. The movie is about one man’s struggle with the Lord and how faith and courage can change lives. It is a biography of Martin Luther – the 16th century priest who led the Christian Reformation which included opening up the idea of exploration of faith.

The final popular Hollywood Christian movie we shall look at today is The Omega Code, which grossed over $12 million in the box office – making it one of the most successful Christian movies of all time. The movie is packed full of special effects and is a supernatural journey that follows the rise of a Machiavellian leader who build his armies for the battle of Armageddon while problems of Biblical proportions pummel the Earth. The movie is based on Biblical prophesies.

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