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We all love to watch movies, but not all of us can afford (or want) to pay full price for a movie when we will most likely only watch it once or twice. In this guide we shall look at how you can use the internet to rent Christian movies online.

What are the Benefits of Renting Christian Movies Online?

The internet has become one of our most useful resources in modern day life. We can literally do everything online – including grocery shopping, video chat with friends across the world and more. In recent years more and more people are starting to realize the benefits of renting movies online.

It is very easy to rent movies online and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Most Christian movies will be delivered to you the next day so you don’t need to wait around for ages for your movie to arrive. Most Christian movie rental shops online have a return envelope so you simply have to put the DVD back in the envelope when you are done and put it in your mail box. Saves having to drive to the video store!

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One of the key benefits to renting Christian movies online is the variety of choice. Most video rental stores do not have a wide selection of specific Christian movies to choose from, so you can quickly run out of movies to watch. The internet, however, has practically every movie imaginable available to rent. So no matter what Christian movie you want to watch you can be sure that you can find it online. Renting Christian movies online also gives you the opportunity to watch less main-stream Christian movies that may not be in any retail video stores.

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How do you Rent Christian Movies Online?

Renting Christian movies online is easy. Firstly you need to find a reputable online video store (we will look at this in more detail below).

To rent a Christian movie you will need to register with the site by providing your contact details such as home address and an email address. Most online movie rental stores require a monthly subscription where you can rent unlimited movies, whereas only a few allow you to rent one-off movies as you please.

You then just have to browse through their range of Christian movies until you find one that you want to watch and then select it. You may need to browse several websites until you find the movie you want – particularly if it is not very popular.

Once you have selected your movie and filled in your details you will then be prompted to give your payment details. This is usually via credit card, however some websites accept methods such as PayPal.

The movie will then be quickly delivered to you and you simply have to return it when you are finished. The rules of when your movie has to be returned vary between online rental companies – however many don’t charge you late fees and you simply return it when you are ready. Easy!

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How much does it cost to Rent Christian Movies Online?

The cost of renting Christian movies online varies depending on the website and the plan. Most websites require you to sign up for a plan – however this can be as little as one month up to a yearly subscription.

Christian Cinema is the most popular and best stocked Christian movie rental store online and their plans start at $7.99 a month for unlimited rentals (holding only one DVD at a time) up to $250 for a year unlimited subscription.

Prices for other websites are very similar to this and the longer you subscribe for the cheaper and better value it typically is.

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Where can you find an online Christian Movie Rental Store?

The best way to find online Christian movie rental stores is to search on the internet itself. There are dozens of online video rental stores, however most are secular and won’t offer a huge range of Christian-specific movies.

There are however several websites that only stock Christian movies – and a quick search engine search should bring you back the most popular results.

Always browse through the websites to see what they can offer you as prices and range of movies can vary.

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