Christian Movies For Families

Not all movies are suitable for every age group, but sometimes it is nice to have a night in with the family and watch a movie together. In this guide we shall look at family friend movies – including some great suggestions for your next family movie night.

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Importance of Controlling what our Children Watch

As Christians we bring up our children to have certain ethical and moral standards – and we teach them what is right and wrong in the eyes of God. A huge number of movies released these days do not confirm to the same moral standards as most Christians so we need to be cautious of what movies we show our children.

Even movies aimed at children these days often contain subtle sex references, drug use and pornography. Children are very impressionable and these are not things we want our children to be subjected to, so it is important to control what our children watch.

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Most Popular Family Friendly Movies

There are a huge number of family friendly movies out there that have both been produced and written by Christians or that have a good, wholesome storyline suitable for our Christian children.

It is hard to say what the most popular family friendly movies are as there are so many – but below we shall look at four popular Christian movies for the whole family that gives you some ideas for what to watch on your next family movie night!

Song Man

This movie is a beautiful story of a songwriter who is living in poverty but is taken in by a homeless man and some kids who protect him and keep him sheltered. However, he doesn’t realize the music he has written has become a global sensation – both renowned for his music and the spiritual journey he has taken. It is a very moving and emotional movie that you want to watch over and over again.

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A Christmas Carol

There are two versions of this popular family friendly movie – the original 1951 version and the new animated version. Both however are fantastic movies to watch around Christmas time.

The original story was written by Charles Dickens and has become one of the best-loved Christmas stories of all time. The story is about a man named Ebenezer Scrooge who self-confessedly hates Christmas. Throughout the movie he is taught the true meaning of Christmas by ghosts who show him his past, present and future. He then realizes that he has to change his ways and becomes a kind man who loves the spirit of giving and Christmas.

The animated version is a beautiful reenactment of the original and is even more appealing to children who love the bright colors and fun animations that have made it a family favorite.

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Undercover Kitty

If you’re after a fun and exciting movie that the whole family will enjoy – then you should definitely try Undercover Kitty. This lighthearted mystery movie is about a failed journalist called Tibbe who is about to be fire, however he meets Miss Minoes – a cat who prowls the neighborhood and finds the hottest leads propelling Tibbe into Journalism stardom. However, there are some deep dark secrets to be found in Miss Minoes…

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Evan Almighty

The final family friendly movie we shall look at in today’s guide is Evan Almighty – the sequel to the popular Bruce Almighty. While Bruce Almighty has not been widely accepted by the Christian community because of its mild sex scenes – Evan Almighty is a clean and fun movie suitable for all ages.

Starring renowned actors Steve Carell and Lauren Graham, the movie follows a newscaster (Carell) who trades in his job to become a congressman. His campaign is about changing the world – yet he drives a huge SUV and spends little time with his son. He then meets God who advises him to build an ark – while he is skeptical, he does it. By obeying God he risks his career, family and sanity – but you’ll have to watch the movie to find out if God was right in the end!

It is an incredibly funny movie that you want to watch over and over again.

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