Christian Movies For Kids

Movies are a great past time that both adults and kids enjoy. As Christians we want our kids to be subjected to the right types of movies. In this guide we shall look at Christian movies for kids – what you should look for and where you can find them.

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What to Look for in Christian Movies for Kids

There are so many movies out there that say they are for kids but are far from Christian morals and values. Kids movies are becoming increasingly raunchy with mild sex scenes, abusive language and violence becoming more common.

When we are choosing a Christian movie for our kids we need to ensure that the storyline is wholesome with good morals. A good Christian kids movie doesn’t necessarily have to teach them about God in an open manner, and in fact there are many secular movies that are very popular choices for Christian kids.

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Why are Christian Movies Important for Kids

Kids are very impressionable, particularly when they are young – so it is important that there are movies suitable for Christian kids. We work hard to bring them up as respectful children with good Christian values and beliefs – which movies can undo incredibly quickly.

Movies in general are important to both kids and adults for many reasons. Movies are great ways of bringing families together. Choosing a movie that is kid-friendly can be a great reason to spend time together as a family to watch the movie.

Christian movies can both be entertaining and educational, and it is important to give kids stimulation in both of these areas when we can. Below we shall look at some of the different types of Christian kids’ movies available.

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What Types of Christian Movies for Kids are there?

Christian kids movies are available in all genres – such as mystery, drama, animation, educational and sing-alongs.

Animations are some of the most popular Christian movies for kids, and the VeggieTales series of movies are the best-selling animated Christian movies on the market. Each of the short movies teach children about different areas of Christianity such as the importance of Christmas. There are also mainstream secular movies that are popular for Christian kids such as Kung Fu Panda.

There are also a range of education kids movies available that can help teach your children about the Bible and their faith. A large number of educational movies for children have storylines with fun character that help educate them in an exciting and watchable way.

You can also buy Christian movies that are particularly suited to different age groups. There are a great range of Christian baby movies that help them learn and have fun while educating them on their faith and Jesus. You can buy Christian movies for toddlers, youths and teenagers.

All Christian kids’ movies tell a story from a Christian perspective.

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Where can you get Christian Movies for Kids?

There are plenty of places you can buy Christian movies for kids. Most towns in the USA have Christian retail stores that will usually stock a range of Christian kids’ movies for you to choose from. If you don’t know where your closest store is then trying speaking to a member of your church community who may be able to guide you in the right direction.

The best place to buy Christian movies for kids however is on the internet. Most retail stores don’t have large collections of movies – particularly if you live in a small town. The internet can offer you the widest range of kids movies to choose from – and usually at a much lower price than in the stores. Most large Christian retail chain stores also have a website through which you have access to their full range of products that may not be available in your local store.

Another option in finding Christian movies for kids is to rent them. Children will often only watch a movie once or twice, so renting can be a much better value-for-money option. Your local video rental store should have at least a few Christian movies for kids to rent, or you can jump on the internet and find a huge selection of movies to rent that can be delivered straight to your door.

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